Government Uses

Law Enforcement

Drivers license identification methods vary from state to state, from use of magnetic stripes to bar codes to smart cards. Fingerprinting is also becoming more commonly used when positive identification is needed. The PIV module provides law enforcement officers with fast and flexible access to the data they need from multiple sources.

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Mobile computer users in the military can leverage the PIV module to log in to government systems with their electronic smart card (Common Access Card) or contactless smart card, as required by the Department of Defense. They can also use the solution to positively identify and/or authenticate individuals in critical situations. In addition, the PIV module can be used to identify and track military personnel deployed around the world, from the beginning of their travels, through multiple stops, to their destination.

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Emergency Response

The PIV solution can be used to authenticate First Responders within a restricted site and limit access to others, so that site control can be improved. The solution can also be used by EMT personnel to identify, record and treat those people affected by a disaster.

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