Edgeline Technologies was founded in September 2009 with the launch of the CN3 PIV Mobile Computer.  The CN3 PIV Mobile Computer was a combination of the Intermec CN3 Mobile Computer with the Edgeline CN3 PIV Module.  See Edgeline CN3 CN4 PIV datasheet.

Over the next 5 years, the CN3 PIV Mobile Computers were deployed in over 150 US Navy and US Army bases for authenticating the credentials of contractors and military personnel for access onto military bases.  The CN3 PIV Mobile Computer was also used by the San Jose Police Department, other Police Department in Santa Clara County and Napa County for obtaining fingerprints in the field from suspected individuals without formal ID.

In 2014, Edgeline released the MobiChk PIV Reader Module.  The MobiChk PIV Mobile Computer is the combination of the Intermec CN70 or CN70e Mobile Computer with the MobiChk PIV Module.  See MobiChk PIV Reader Module datasheet.