The family of PIV Mobile Computers provides maximum flexibility for applications that demand a multi-step authentication process for access to restricted areas or to highly confidential information. The solutions can help federal agencies meet personal identification requirements driven by Homeland Security directives, as well as assist state and local governments with meeting similar needs for personal identification requirements.

The Edgeline family of PIV Mobile Computers are uniquely designed by combining the best handheld computer available with a snap-on PIV module.  In doing so, the combined PIV Mobile Computers have these advantages over single purpose products.

  • Mass produced handheld computers provide maximum capabilities at a lower cost.
  • The PIV Systems are built tough to handle the rugged requirements of mobile use.
  • The snap-on PIV module uses the most advance biometric and credential readers available.

Because of the unique design strategy, our customers include the US Military, progressive Public Safety Agencies, State Agencies, Transportation Agencies and International Governments.

Law Enforcement PIV Reader
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Military and Government PIV Reader
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Military CAC Reader
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Industry PIV Reader
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Software Development Kit (SDK)
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