ID-MobileWorks is a mobile identity checking application that is used by law enforcement to automatically check the identity of individuals in the field. This software operates on Intermec 70 Series handheld computers and rugged tablet computers wirelessly connected to fingerprint reader or connected directly via the MobiChk PIV module.

ID-MobileWorks, can be added as a module to Mobizent’s TicketWorks solution or used in a stand-alone mode, integrated with a Field Investigation application, to verify and confirm the identity in the field. This frontend solution connects to a back-end solution that monitors and keeps track of all the mobile devices in the field and connects to the local AFIS, with a connection to NCIC in the next phase. This solution has already had may arrests of individuals with Warrants in the field.

The fingerprint capture devices used in conjunction with the Handheld computer captures the fingerprint in approved NIST compliant formats and stores these fingerprints and ensures only quality prints are taken by the officer. The fingerprints are then transferred to the Handheld and wirelessly transmitted to the Back-end for processing with AFIS.

Features of ID-MobileWorks:

  • Electronic data capture
  • Pre-defined lists and options
  • Available on handheld devices and MDTs
  • Advanced security features (Biometrics)
  • Wireless synchronization mode
  • Customizable to Department requirements

Benefits of ID-MobileWorks:

  • Simplifies Identity Checking
  • Improves Safety of Officers in the Field Personnel
  • Reduces the need to being people in to be identified
  • Ensures Data Integrity
  • Enhances Data Analysis
  • Increases Officer Productivity
  • Integrates with Department Networks and Databases